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Everglades, Tarpon, Camping… “I’m in”, says Davis!

When it comes to fishing, few experiences are more thrilling than hooking into a massive tarpon on fly tackle. That's exactly what Davis Burg got to experience during his guided trip with Dingo's Fishing Adventures in the Everglades National Park.

Davis, an experienced angler with a passion for fly fishing, had been dreaming of catching a 100-pound tarpon on the fly for years. When he booked his trip with Dingo's Fishing Adventures, he knew he was in good hands.

Captain Dingo is a seasoned guide with years of experience guiding anglers to trophy fish. He knew exactly where to take Davis to increase his chances of landing a big tarpon on fly tackle.

After a few hours of searching and waiting, Davis finally hooked into the fish of a lifetime. The tarpon jumped out of the water, thrashing its massive body and testing Davis's skill and endurance as an angler.

The two battled it out as the tarpon made several runs and tried to shake the fly loose. But Davis held strong, carefully playing the fish and keeping the line tight.

After a quick 15 minute fight, Davis managed to bring the tarpon to the boat. The fish estimated at 110 pounds, exceeding his goal of catching a 100-pounder.

The experience was one that Davis will never forget, thanks in no small part to the expertise and guidance of Captain Dingo. For anglers looking to catch their own trophy tarpon on fly tackle, a guided trip with Dingo's Fishing Adventures is an experience not to be missed.


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