Charter Rates 


 1 or 2 people

Jupiter near shore, Jupiter Inlet and the Loxahatchee River- Fly fishing, Lure Fishing and Live Bait Fishing.

Half Day (4 hour trip) $500

3/4 Day (6 hour trip) $650

Full Day (8 hour trip) $800

Night trips starting at (4 hours) $500

$100 for every additional hour.

Jupiter meeting location is at the East Burt Reynolds boat ramp located at:

805 N US Highway 1, Jupiter.

Everglades National Park, Biscayne Bay and the Florida Keys- Fly fishing, Lure Fishing and Live Bait Fishing.

Full day only (call for pricing).


Call +1 (561) 245-1997 

A 50% deposit  is required for all bookings. Deposits are refundable for up to 14 days prior to your trip day. Within 14 days, you will lose your deposit. If you know you will not be attending, please contact Dingo's Fishing Adventures LLC as soon as possible. This helps ensure that the guide can find replacement trips as they forego potential costumers by holding your reservation. You agree to forfeit the deposit if these conditions are not met.

All rates apply to a maximum of two anglers.

A cooler with ice is provided, bring food, drinks, sunglasses and rain gear if necessary. It is also advised to bring sunscreen

and a camera, although there are usually both already on board. Tackle is provided either conventional or fly. You are welcome to bring your own gear if you would like to use that as well. All fishing licenses are covered by the boat.

Based in Jupiter, Florida

The Loxahatchee River boasts some of the best Giant Snook fishing any where in the world. Dingo is obsessed with targeting these amazing sport fish on fly and convention tackle. This fishery is amazing, Tarpon and Snook can be caught every month of the year. There are a number of other great locations to fish within a few hours drive. Dingo is often keen to tailer his skiff to find fish. Biscayne Bay, Florida Keys, Lake Ida and Lake Okeechobee are all within reach. There are quite a few species to target in south florida. Make sure to ask Dingo what is in season and he will give you the best chance possible of having a great time on the water. Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Permit, Bonefish, Triple Tail,  Jack Crevalle, Bluefish, Ladyfish, False Albacore, Cobia, Spinner Sharks, Blacktip Sharks, Goliath Grouper, Barracuda, Snapper, Peacock Bass, Clown Knife Fish and Large Mouth Bass are among the main targets.


Chittum Skiffs Islamorada 18 - Snake Bight Edition

The Islamorada 18 utilizes a proprietary laminate to absorb sound and to maximize the weight-to-strength ratio, combined with high temperature cure aerospace grade epoxy, core-cell foam, s-core foam, s-glass, e-glass, nomex, carbon fiber and Kevlar. These materials are the same type used to build the stealth fighter, stealth bomber, America's Cup sailboats, high-end custom yachts and even high-speed military attack boats with speeds of 100 mph and above. 

"Using these materials for construction is the absolute best way to build a boat if the goal is to have the very lightest and strongest structure possible. No other material can yield this type of result."