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Whether you are a seasoned angler or just a casual fisherman Dingo is the perfect guide for you. His experience on the water and mountain of knowledge shines through and he has all the skills to put you on big fish. Not only will he put you on fish, but he will coach and give you the tools you need to land the fish as well. I first met Dingo deep sea fishing in Hawaii and now many years later we reconnected over skinny water fly fishing. May 2017 was the first trip for me fishing salt water flies, so the first day we spent a lot of time in the morning practicing casting and getting a feel for what it was going to take to deliver the fly to the fish. He gave me many pointers on how to improve my casting and form. Over the next three days we fished the river channels for Snook, Reds, Jack Crevalle, and even a few lady fish. When things where slow and the tide moved out we headed out of the river to fish the beach and small structures off land, where we landed on some nice Bonita. When the tide would come back in we would head back to the river to see if the Snook were ready to eat. If our arms where to tired from casting and hauling we would throw the spinning rod with a nice top water lure. With the top water lure Dingo showed me how to twitch the bait (known as “walk the dog”) to attract the big top water bite, and it paid off in the end when we got on a big school of Snook. On the last day of our trip Dingo helped me land a Snook of a lifetime; over 41 inches! Needless to say it was a trip I’ll never forget.


Every trip with Dingo has been amazing! He is a well rounded, professional guide, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a charter in Jupiter!


Hutton Fohey

Athens, GA

Jupiter Snook Fishing Charter. Hutton Fohey with a 41" Snook on Top Water.

In my fishing career I had many skippers , deck hands and mates. It did not take me long to learn that , many times I was merely an accessory for the captain and crew, a human line winder . When I began fishing with Dingo I realized this was going to be different. The young mate actually knew he was in the entertainment business . He also knew to teach my girls and I how to fish so we became part of the team not just winders. Every trip wasn’t a fishing trip it was an adventure , an adventure into what ever species we were targeting , to what ever body of water we were on. Now don’t come to the wrong conclusion it was not a field trip to the ocean , it was world class fishing with a world class captain and we regularly crushed them. Looking for an adventure in salt water Dingo is the guy! Ask my girl Hutty who caught her first blue marlin at age 6 ! She will tell you an adventure with Dingo is a rippa!

Terry Fohey,

Athens, GA

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