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Post Thanks Giving bellies, cool weather, hot fishing and fat Snook in Jupiter, Florida.

I hope every one had a great Thanks Giving! I personally feel like a fat lazy Snook at the tail end of the Mullet run, after thanks giving Turkey and all the great fixings with it. The Snook have packed on some serious girth after one of the longest mullet runs I have seen in Jupiter, Florida. The fly fishing and lure fishing has been amazing. Pre-dawn sessions getting into double digits with slot Snook almost every time. With 2-3 hour hot bites resulting in up to 14 healthy Snook from 24" to 32" average. Nomad Design Tackle has been having me test their range of lures here in Jupiter, Florida. The two favourites this month have been Chug Norris and the Mad Scad. Chug Norris 95 (3 3/4 inch) popper has been putting up large numbers of Jack Crevalle with incredible top water strikes. Some sessions ending with 20 plus Jack Crevalle on the 6000 Saragosa paired with a 7'6" Crowder Rod and 30 pound Japanese PE hollow core braid from Nomad Design Tackle. The hot lure for the Snook has been the Mad Scad 95 (3 3/4 inch) and 115 (4 1/2 inch) also fished on the same Saragosa and Crowder rod. I have been trying out the Riptide Flurocarbon coated monofilament in 100 pound. It has proven to be very abrasion resistant, yet subtle and great for knots. Im excited to try more of these Aussie tried and tested lures here in Florida. Every color in both lures has been great, in clear water the more natural colors and dirty water the bright colors.

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