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Mondo flyfishing 8wt review.

Mondo Fly Fishing sent some new demo 8 weight fly rods down to be tested in the salt. I could not be more impressed with the gear and can't wait to have a full quiver on my chittum. The new 8wt weight boxes above its weight class. Light, small in diameter and consistently sending flies to the backing. I put the rod through the paces with bonefish flies, 2/0 closure's, crease flies, gurgler's and poppers up to a 4/0. This outfit is one of the most impressive fly rods and enjoyable outfits I have ever fished. This is a complete package when paired with the 8wt reel. The drag is buttery smooth, light weight design and simple to maintain in salt water. Keep an eye on Mondo Fly Fishing for the release of these very affordable fly rods and reels.

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