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Spring Break


Spring break is upon us and life is good here in Jupiter FL. The week leading up to now was productive on the skiff build. Cockpit liner was bonded, console live bait well water tested and soon ready for rigging. I can't wait to drop by Chittum Yachts tomorrow and see the boat. While that is going on I'm keeping the dingo pups active on the kayak and beaches.

Charlie got to land a very nice Bluefish that I hooked on a popper. On my second cast and after already missing one we came tight to a beauty. Some great jumps, a solid fight and Charlie beached the fish on a sandbar for pictures. Before heading back out in the kayak we noticed a prehistoric creature crawling buy. The boys love gathering crabs and were quick to grab a hold of the Horse Shoe Crab for pictures. Charlie did a great job handling the living fossil and set it free.

Good friend Terry Fohey sent a picture of his Daughters Snook mount from a beast she caught walking a Heddon Spook last year.

The lads from Pelagic opened their new flag ship store in California and I am extremely humbled to have a picture wiring a Black Marlin on the shop front.

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